Catfight at the Stands by JustLooking9000


The throng of couples filled the spectator stands. The crowd talked excitedly, looking forward to the next duel. Some women couldn’t help but to gaze at the oval like pit at the bottom of the arena where every day jealous girls fought tooth and nail to settle their romantic differences way until a victress emerged and claimed the man in dispute.

The women at the stands knew what it was to go through this trial of strength, several having just viciously beaten their romantic rivals in savage duels as recently as yesterday. Their scratched skin and somewhat marred looks attested to extremes they had gone to win their men’s affections. They stood at the stands, victorious, the sole claimants of their men’s semen and about to see another pair of jealous girls fighting over a man. One of them would prevail and join them at the stands the following day.

The crowd looked at the enormous TV screens, gleaning the stats for each duellist and the man they were fighting over. The prize was a hunky office worker Li Song; a Chinese man now working in Hong Kong who couldn’t decide between his girlfriend Lily Chen, and on the other was the woman who wanted him back, ex- girlfriend Sarai Tangtrongchit (See Battling Girlfriends 3 and 4). The setting for their showdown had a wide oval-like shape at the bottom, and at the centre of it was a further hole fitted with a 3×3 bathtub surrounded by a transparent barrier.

The women murmured among themselves, trying to divine which of these two exotic Asian tigresses would win the guy. The scant descriptions and generic stats didn’t stop them from speculating, each member of the fairer sex present regarding herself as something of an expert in the topic due to her own very public experience fending off an insolent sexual rival coveting her man’s cock.

The stands suddenly grew silent as the crowd caught a glance of an attractive trio entering the spectator area. In a sea of couples, they stood out like a sore thumb. These girls had no right to be here, for it was clear they had yet to face each other in glorious combat at the arena. They were to be a sideshow, a device management added in one of five duels to spice up attendance with the promise of a conflagration at the very spectator stands.

Soon, information about the trio started trickling in drips. The man in the middle was Euji Oue, a coworker of Li Song (the man being fought at the arena). On his left side was Slovakian goddess Katerina Polievka, who looked stunning in a tiny bikini with a leopard motif and matching stilettos. On one side was Fumiko Hayashi, the brown-haired Japanese vixen covered in a long piece of black cloth wrapped whorishly around her lithe body, also in black high heels.

It was never explicitly stated there would be a fight. As the women who had been in such side shows would attest (20% of the crowd there), the invitation letter never spelt out such a requirement. Either, or both women could refuse to assist. They could wait until duel day to settle their dispute over the man rather than fight like whores in front of a crowd for little benefit; with an outcome that would surely be re-litigated in the arena one week later.

And yet, mutual jealousy ensured the women invited would come. No woman wanted to send a message she was afraid of the other woman, or that she was not zealous enough in her love. If the threat of losing face was not enough, the man invited could choose the woman of his choice to stay one week on the honeymoon side, all expenses paid. Once the antagonists arrived, cattiness and mutual hatred were enough to ensure a vicious catfight on the stands.

Euji felt a petite hand sneaking under his swimming trousers and caress his hardened cock. He turned his attention to the woman who had been his girlfriend for the better part of three years, locking lips with her. Fumiko Hayashi had regaled him with two vicious duels. He couldn’t help but to get hard whenever recalled the harsh words she and co-worker Manami Honjo exchanged as they agreed to fight for him (Duel Room: Work Wife vs Girlfriend); the revealing attires they wore into the duel room in a bid to outslut the other; the furious exchange of blows as he watched inside a cage; the desperate turn in the fighting as the girls tried to keep up with the frantic pace of the relentless fighting; the mixed feelings as he saw his girlfriend finally proving herself the better woman; and the after-duel victory fuck.

This wasn’t the only memory in his wank bank, having seen Fumiko fighting like a tigress when an attractive Chinese co-worker called Naomi Yang got the drop on her (Office Mayhem Chapter 4). The girls rolled on the floor, using the cramped cubicles as their battleground as they tore the otherwise elegant minidresses to shreds. The quarrel had its fair share of dramatic moments, like when Fumiko used Naomi’s torn miniskirt to choke the Chinese vixen out or when the topless Naomi sat on the Japanese girlfriend, her massive boobs jiggling wildly as she slapped Fumiko till kingdom come.

And how Euji could forget when the two girls then agreed to a rematch in his very bed, the two Asian goddesses agreeing to wear nothing but whorish outfits designed to drive him wild as they maneuvered awkwardly in their high heels (Office Mayhem Chapter 13). He still recalled when the battling girls sat on opposite sides of his cock and met right in the middle of it, their heads clashing just on top of his hardened manhood. He felt their every gasp of air as the exhausted girls defiled each other until finally Fumiko emerged victorious, still the queen of his bed.

Euji saw Fumiko standing up and cheering when she saw Lily Chen prancing around the arena in all her naked glory. The two women had become fast friends after Fumiko asked Lily about her infamous duel against the beguiling Valentina Martinez (Office Mayhem Chapter 14). And now Fumiko shouted loudly, her tight get-up unable to prevent her sizeable tits from jiggling wildly as she shouted for the Chinese vixen to rip the Thai ex girlfriend to shreds.

The feeling of another feminine hand grasping his hardened manhood distracted him from Fumiko’s bouncing melons. He turned his head around, his eyes resting on resting on the sexy Slovakian woman who in a week’s time would be down at the arena, this time as the main attraction. She would fight for his cock until she vanquished her sexual rival or saw her dreams of replacing the Asian girlfriend crushed.

He regarded the attractive Slavic goddess at the prime of her life. Though this would be her first duel ever, Katerina was no stranger to using her claws to get her sexual competitors to back off Euji’s cock. He’d know, having seen the brunette succubus vanquishing a college fuckbuddy of his in a backpacking trip (Hostel Sluts 2). Katerina had shameless flirted with him, provoking his travelling companion into all out catfight in his tiny hostel room. Park Mihi was not shy about fighting dirty, but Katerina fought dirtier still, and after a savage catfight the college girl was beaten by a better woman. Katerina then became Euji’s new travel partner.

Any notion Euji had that Katerina had been lucky were dispelled when the European vixen confronted American pretender Madi Cox. The blonde goddess had mounted an aggressive campaign to replace Katerina (Hostel Sluts 3) forcing a violent showdown in a dark beach (Hotel Sluts 4). The jealous hyenas rolled, slapped, scratched, fought for sexual supremacy to the bitter end. Madi was by no means an innocent girl, and at several points she had gotten the better of the Slovakian traveller. Nevertheless, the brunette goddess proved the better woman, leaving the once insolent Floridan pretender crying and writhing at the beach while she claimed Euji right then and there.

Though Katerina departed after their summer fling, over the years she continued to be a repeat visitor to his bed whenever she was around the same area as him. The young Japanese stud couldn’t help but to think of the sassy Slovakian vixen from time to time, wondering what would happen if the sexy brunette stayed with him permanently.

It seems Katerina was thinking the same thing, because she was back, residence permit in hand. She was no longer was satisfied with the occasional summer fling. Now she was looking to become his steady girlfriend, and demanded he drop Fumiko for her. She said she missed the feeling of his arms around her slim frame, the smell of his shirts, the exhilaration of riding his cock like a bitch in heat like the old days. She wanted all of it back, and she’d not rest until she got what she wanted, even if that meant butting heads with the Japanese whore standing between herself and his bedroom.

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Euji turned his gaze at the duelling pit, where right now the attractive Sarai in all her naked glory was making her case in front of the crowd while the Lily blithely mounted Li Song’s cock in defiance. Each young lady had given different versions of the events leading up to this day.

The purpose of such speeches is to rally the crowd to one’s side, truth be dammed. Having talked with Li Song, Euji knew Lily’s version was slightly closer to the truth…for now. “Truth” would be whatever the eventual victress decided it would be in the absence of rival peddling a different version of events. He would know, having seen Fumiko shamelessly recasting her stand offs against Manami Honjo and Naomi Yang in a triumphal light after they weren’t there to dispute her versions of events.

Right now the only thing that counted was the destruction of one’s rival in love to such a point she no longer coveted the man, the marring of her looks so that he longer saw her like an object of desire.

The rivals in love entered the 3×3 hot tub that was to be the battleground in which they’d fight for Li Song. They’d be naked, fighting tooth and nail in a substance that looked like bubbling soap but didn’t burn the eyes and acted like lube. To win, one woman had to toss the other woman out of the hot tub and hope she’d stay out for 20 seconds.

For full story see Battling Girlfriends 4

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Back at the stands, Euji recalled the events leading up to this point, starting from Katerina’s first messages, her entry into Hong Kong, her brazen entry into his apartment, the impertinence when she told Fumiko that she was taking Euji back. The month-long sexual war of attrition. He had told the love rivals several times that he would under no circumstances allow a catfight, let alone a duel. And yet, they kept pushing for such an outcome.

Even if at some extent he understood they were manipulating him into accepting a duel, he couldn’t help but to feel mesmerised by their jealous talk, the demeaning insults they hurled at each other as they shouted in the tiny outfits they wore to awaken his desire, the game of sexual one upmanship as they tried to best the other woman in his bed. It was a debauched spectacle designed to overwhelm any reservations about having them fight for his cock, and it worked.

He could have stopped their inexorable march to violence many times. Instead, he let them sow the embers of discord. Heck, he even encouraged it, practically begging the rival lovers to tell him what they planned to do to each other if they ever come to blows.

Then it happened. One day he finally stopped restraining them. Fumiko threw the first slap. Hands searched for brunette hair. As the man being fought over, he could have stopped the catfight happening in front of him, as he had done in the past. Yet, for 20 long minutes he not only didn’t try to stop the fight, he enjoyed it. He let his lust overwhelm all reasoning. By the time it was over, he fucked the winner.

Once the built up lust had left his system, Euji couldn’t help but to felt a pawn of regret. He had never intended for this. Up to that moment he always favoured Fumiko and never had any intention to replace her with Katerina. Yet as the victorious European vixen drained his cum in a relentless sex marathon, he felt conflicted. Suddenly the thoughts of dumping the Japanese girl for this Slovakian adventuress weren’t so easy to dispel.

As if sensing his hesitation, the jealous Fumiko used her body to distract him from his doubts and conflicts. Never did she recriminate nor resent him. Instead, the young Japanese woman directed the blame for the whole affair at the feet of the cock hungry Slavic skank as she frantically rode his cock, stating she’d prove once again she was the better woman for him. As he let his cock being sucked, blown and licked by his feisty girlfriend, he couldn’t help to feel he was put in a difficult position by the warring lovers. A conundrum that couldn’t be talked over, but had to be solved with violence!

The feeling of Fumiko’s hands stroking his manhood brought Euji back to the present. He moaned, feeling the opposing hands battling for control of his cock. He wrapped his arms around the feuding girls and brought them closer to him, their heads resting on his chest as they continued fondling his cock. He looked up, finding one of the few screens broadcasting what was happening at his seat. He watched as Fumiko’s and Katerina’s petite hands caressed his cock while they snarled at each other.

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Euji turned his gaze to the remaining screens, the vast majority of them showing Lily and Sarai fighting tooth and nail in the hot tub like bitches in heat.

-“You jinu (prostitute)”-said Lily, her voice carried across the arena thanks to the sound system-“I’ll make sure…he forgets…all about you!”.

-“No way…I’ll be his WIFE…after today…slut!”-asserted the obstinate Thai siren in an equally loud retort, grabbing onto an incoming knee and then pushing her womanly figure forwards, sending the bellicose succubuses crashing into the soapy water.

Euji remained silent, more concerned about the jealous lovers competing for his cock. Moreover, knowing Fumiko and Lily to be friends, Euji knew that cheering for either Lily or Sarai would be interpreted by Fumiko and Katerina as preferring one of them over her carnal rival.

For full story see Battling Girlfriends 4

Fumiko whimpered, her hand losing contact with his manhood as Katerina scratched her.

-“That’s just a taste of what I’m gonna do to you in a few days time”-panted Katerina, not missing a beat. Fumiko hissed, digging her talons into Katerina’s brazen hand until Katerina recoiled.

-“You’re not the only one who can scratch my dear”-snarled Fumiko, now retaking possession of Euji’s pole. Euji watched them, trading insults as they continued mauling and trading dominance over his manhood, his tight embrace allowing them to fight harder without losing their balance.





-“I’m coming”-heaved Euji. His declaration fastened the struggle for his cock, their hands trying to deny the other woman the pleasure of making him cum. Soon Fumiko brought her free arm up, pushing Katerina’s face back with her open palm. Katerina pushed back, cocking her own arm against Fumiko’s chin as they continued to battle for his manhood.

The sexy Katerina shrieked, her whole body recoiling just before one final stroke from Fumiko made Euji erupt like a volcano. The Japanese stud groaned, an explosion of pleasure making him numb to his surroundings. The next thing he knew was that Katerina and Fumiko were on their feet, screaming in their native languages while shoving each other. Euji noted Katerina’s reddened cheek, and it wasn’t too hard to guess why the Slovakian beauty had faltered at the last stroke.

Euji raised his eyes, focusing on the replay showing the exact moment his Japanese lover slapped her sexual rival and then made him cum before Katerina could react. Around him, the interested crowd shouted, many exhorting the Slovakian vixen to avenge this transgression to her womanly honour.

-“I’ll not let you disrespect me, you mediocre excuse of a woman”-howled Katerina, pushing the Asian girlfriend with both hands to much rejoicing. Fumiko, swayed on her heels before turning around and sending a semen-laden slap into Katerina’s face.

The crowd awed and whistled in approval. Cum slapping was always a crowd favourite. Katerina stood in disbelief, cum dripping off her chin as the crowd demanded she gain satisfaction.

-“Come on, bitch. You wanna piece of me?”-yelled Fumiko, her cum lathered hands pushing Katerina back-“Let’s go! I’m not afraid to fight for my man.”

It would have been easy for Euji to sit there and let these cats in heat tear each other for his cock. The girls were raring to sink their claws into each other, and the crowd bayed for blood. And yet, Euji decided this was still not the time. He forced both girls down, bringing them back to their seats. Ignoring the disappointed audience, the Japanese boy pulled his jealous lovers down by their hair, bringing their faces down his crotch.

-“Lick”-commanded Euji as he presented them with his cum-soaked cock. The angry girls looked at it, then at the woman coveting the same cock right in front of them. They wanted this. They would fight for it. The Japanese man arched his back, panting as he felt the competing tongues worshipping his cock back to erection.

But just because Euji had focussed their attention back to his male member, it did not mean either woman had forgotten what had just transpired. Soon the Slovakian vixen raised her hand and jerked Fumiko’s brunette tresses. The Asian harpy yelped, feeling her scalp on fire before reciprocating the gesture.

Euji grasped harder, preventing their increasingly vigorous hairpulling from making the feuding bitches lose balance. They snarled and hissed, their tongues too busy wrestling around his hardened manhood to talk. He looked sideways, his gaze resting on their tasteful hips, which moved sinuously as they twisted their womanly frames around him. He looked down, his crotch now covered by a tangle of brown hair.

Euji heard Katerina shriek as she tried to pull her head away from the fracas, no doubt the result of something Fumiko had done. He used his grip to force the Slavic siren to stay on top of his manhood, making her understand that if she wanted to fight for cock, she was not to cede an inch.

Katerina got the message loud and clear, bringing her hand forward and sinking her talons into Fumiko’s left tit, pushing out the thin black fabric barely covering Fumiko’s magnificent melons. His girlfriend’s natural reaction was to pull back, yet his hand forced her in place. She was to fight or die on his cock!

The rival beauties now understood what he expected of them. Soon 4 arms flailed furiously, trying to bring harm to the rival beauty while fending off the invading nails. They clashed head to head, their slim frames leaning on him for support, their breathing becoming more desperate as their tongues kept on worshipping his cock.

On the stands, a growing chorus of people frustrated by their inability to see the action happening around Euji’s crotch demanded he let the young sex kittens fight. He ignored their entreaties.

Fumiko abruptly raised her head up, Euji’s grip unable to hold her in place. The Japanese vixen howled, her hands covering her mouth. Katerina had bitten her tongue. Taking advantage of the small window of opportunity, the Slovakian shrew took the girth of Euji’s cock in her mouth and coaxed his manly essence out. Euji groaned one last time as he exploded a second time.

-“”-screamed Fumiko in Japanese as she pounced at the alluring Slovakian slut and tore her off Euji’s erupting manhood. The moment was captured on the screen, showing Katerina’s cum-lathered lips curling in a shit-eating grin as her hair was pulled up, while a second display replayed the last 20 seconds in slow motion.

Fumiko slapped the insolent cum stealer, knocking a good amount of semen off Katerina’s lips before the Slovakian beauty turned her head back and spitted a mix of saliva and jizz on Fumiko’s forehead. Fumiko stood agape as cum dripped off her face only for a savage slap from the Slavic cocksucker to bring her back to reality.

A small crowd erupted in cheers as the nubile ladies finally came to blows for real, their sensual physiques rubbing against the other as they rolled on the stands. The now sated Euji slumped against the cushioned seat, seeing the sex kittens disputing his bed trashing about for a while until Fumiko hurled Katerina to the benches immediately below.

-“I’m gonna ride his cock tonight”-hissed Katerina, trying to bring the Japanese skank down with her.

-“You won’t ruin my honeymoon”-affirmed Fumiko, letting herself fall on top of the Slovakian callgirl with her full weight, knocking the air out of the insolent man stealer. The Japanese girlfriend pinned down Katerina to the benches. That is, Katerina’s head was hanging on the air, while her upper body was lying flat against the stands and her calves rested on the upper seats. Euji leaned forward, seeing Katerina bucking like a wild bronco while Fumiko rained backfists right and left.

-“He’s MINE!”-asserted Fumiko, punching the European vixen on the head.


-“MINE!” punch

-“MINE!” punch

-“Argh!”- screeched Fumiko as she was ejected from her dominant position, the crowd watching from below parting like waves as she tumbled down diagonally the stands and into the stairs, falling 2 levels until the handrails stopped her downward motion.

Katerina gasped, groggily using the upper benches to raise herself up until her eyes rested on Euji’s cock. The heaving Slovakian bombshell looked at it hungrily, then leaned forward on her knees, taking the fullness of Euji’s manhood with her mouth. It was a show designed to give herself a break while making a statement of how little she thought of her sexual rival. The crowd ate it up.

Euji sighed, feeling Katerina’s heavenly tongue worshiping his cock while the eager public egged the Slavic bachelorette on. Euji looked downwards, seeing his writhing girlfriend pulling herself up by the handrails. Fumiko’s flirty top was torn, revealing her whole upper body as the pieces of cloth covering her boobs fell by the wayside. She seemed to take a while to clear the cobwebs, fixing her dishevelled hair before she slowly made her way back up.

Euji felt Katerina’ mouth tense up when the crowd shouted warnings of the incoming Japanese harlot. The European goddess got on her feet sluggishly, then grabbed Euji’s wet cock, forcing him to come with her as she made her way to the stairs.

-“If I’m to fight for you like a whore…”-whispered the alluring white nymph-“make me feel the prize is worth it.”

Euji understood Katerina’s request, grasping her hips and inserting his manhood in her warm pussy. Katerina’s moans were drowned among the loud cheers. The Slavic sex kitten was telling everyone that it was she, not Fumiko, who had possession of Euji’s cock. Fumiko could not see this as anything but a direct affront to her status of girlfriend!

-“If you want him back”-jeered Katerina contemptuously at her incoming Asian antagonist-“fight me for his cock”

In the meantime Lily and Sarai had carried on their depraved catfight at the hot tub from the start. It was only now that the jealous Sarai seemed to gain an advantage over the Chinese vixen, dragging the squirming Lily through the hot tub towards the exit. The crowd went nuts, the chants of “OUT OUT OUT” drowning out the calls for Lily to get up and fight for her man.

-“ONE TWO THREE”-chanted the crowd as soon as Lily’s limp body was tossed out of the bathtub.

“FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN…”-continued the crowd, stopping only when Lily got up. The multitude roared in unison as Lily blew past the exit, caring little about crashing into the Thai harpy blocking her way.
For full story see Battling Girlfriends 4

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The sight of Euji’s cock thrusting into the Slovakian skank enraged the Japanese girlfriend. The insolence! The arrogance! Fumiko threw herself at the fornicating couple as fast as her high heels would let her-“You fucking whore!”

The Asian goddess crashed into the copulating couple, knocking the air out of the waiting Slavic vixen and forcing Euji back. Fumiko jerked Katerina’s brown locks and bit Katerina’s neck, bending the impertinent man-stealer forward. Katerina would have lost her grip on Euji’s cock had he not been firmly holding her hips.

-“Let go you slant eyed whore!”-howled Katerina, digging her nails into Fumiko’s bare titflesh. Fumiko winced, sinking her teeth even deeper into the shrieking European shrew. Tearing a bunch of brunette hair, the outraged oriental hyena bear-hugged the white whore, then plunged her nails deep into Katerina’s skin.

Euji watched mesmerised as Fumiko’s cruel nails left a trail of red marks on the small of Katerina’s back. He planted his feet again, feeling his former travel partner reciprocating the intimate bear hug. His cock still deep into Katerina’s womanhood, he gazed as the perspiring girls rested their heads on the other’s shoulders, holding each other as close as lovers, their talons ravaging the other woman’s beauty.

He leaned forward, reaching for Fumiko’s ear and whispered: “Show me why you’re my girlfriend and not her. Beat her like you’ve beaten Manami and Naomi”

-“Yes…”-came Fumiko’s almost voiceless reply. The Japanese eye candy leaned forward, locking lips in a passionate French kiss even as she was tearing into Katerina’s skin. Euji felt Fumiko’s tongue abandoning him just before the Asian seductress shrieked in agony, no doubt the work of a jealous Katerina.

Euji now moved his head to the other side, murmuring on Katerina ear: “You’ve always wanted to be more than travelling fuckbuddies Katerina. Best Fumiko, and her position in my bed is yours”

Just as if inspired by his words, Katerina let go the bar hug and threw a surprise uppercut, hitting Fumiko’s chin in full force. The Japanese seductress whimpered, tearing Katerina’s bikini top as she wobbled on her heels.

Katerina panted, her delicious breasts heaving as her hands grabbed the handrail, her womanly physique trembling while she gathered her strength. The Slovakian belle felt Euji’s hands pulling her face sideways, his lips touching hers as his arms massaged her meaty tits. She let out a soft moan before their mouths parted ways. -“You’re mine!”-declared Katerina.

Fumiko let go the half-torn bikini, grabbing the handrail for support. The jealous girls stared hatefully at each other before Fumiko lunged again, this time coming at an angle. Tethered as she was to Euji’s throbbing cock, Katerina couldn’t react fast enough, allowing Fumiko to slam her against the handrail.

Katerina yelped, her lungs squeezed out of precious oxygen. The Caucasian hellcat raked her nails on Fumiko’s right nipple, just as yellow-skinned tormentress connected a direct hit on Katerina’s left tit. The camera showed a replay in slow motion, showing Fumiko’s fist compressing Katerina’s tit, sinking it under her sternum and then bouncing, letting Katerina’s jiggling orb reflate. The jealous sex kittens continued hammering each other tits for a while, yet the weird angle made Katerina’s attacks less effective.

Catching onto Katerina’s predicament, Euji extracted himself out of this bundle of jealousy. Finally able to swing, the Slovakian harpy turned around, sinking her high heel on Fumiko’s foot and twisting. Fumiko cried, limping away from the Slavic shrew. Katerina roared, lunging at the topless slant-eyed slut and slamming her against the seats.

Fumiko groaned as she crashed into the cushioned seats, yet still brought her shapely legs up, trapping the European hyena in a leg scissors.

-“Let go you bitch”-demanded Katerina, bringing her arms down only Fumiko to catch her by the wrists.

-“I won’t let you enjoy my man’s cock you whore”-replied Fumiko, tightening her leg hold around Katerina’s waist while she tried to ward off Katerina’s nails.

Fumiko suddenly let go the scissors, bringing her toned legs towards her chest, then quickly pushed like a piston. The pointy end of her heels barely missed Katerina’s mauled tits but still managed to get her sexual rival off her. Now free, the exhausted Japanese succubus got on her feet and dived into Katerina.

Katerina let out a shrill yelp, arching her womanly frame as her back hit the handrail. Groggy, the brunette seductress pushed her tangled hair away to get a visual on her romantic antagonist only to be get hit by a knee on her belly. The Slovakian beauty gagged, doubling forward only to receive another knee to the belly. Katerina tried to look up, only for her scalp to explode in pain and her cheeks to receive a torrent of slaps. The dazzed Caucasian belle belted two weak punches, only for the relentless Asian tigress to kick her knee ligament. Katerina shrieked, losing her balance and rolling down the stairs.

Fumiko watched the arrogant white bimbo who coveted her man rolling helplessly down the stairs. Catfight logic suggested this was her chance to go after the Slovakian tramp and finish her off. But no catfight over a man was ever a simple matter of winning a physical fight. Fumiko turned around, making her way towards Euji. She wanted to dispel the notion that this cock hungry pretender had a claim on her man. She wanted everyone to know she was the true girlfriend, the one whose pussy will always sheath Euji’s cock.

The territorial Japanese belle kissed her man, feeling his arms wrapped around her slim waist. She leaned on his ear, whispering a faint “fuck me,” before showing him her wiggling hips. Fumiko gasped, biting her lips as she felt his twitching cock entering her.

-“He’s…my man!…and if this washed up…white whore…or any other trashy slut…wants him…they’ll have to go…through my dead body!”-roared a moaning Fumiko, her declaration amplified by the sound system in the spectator stands. She paused in between words, taking in the fullness of Euji’s thrusts but her tone was clear. This was an aggrieved woman, who regarded herself as the rightful claimant to his cock, who would brook no challenge to her possession of it, and would not give it willingly. The spectators met her assertion with roaring approval!

Fumiko moaned loudly, using the handrail for support as her boyfriend continued ploughing his hardened rod into her moist pussy. The Japanese temptress quivered, feeling Euji’s jerking her hair back and softly nipping her neck, her tits pushed forward for all to see. It was the triumphant image of a girlfriend who was not afraid of insolent upstarts seeking to take what was hers. It was HER, not the Caucasian whore who was worthy of Euji’s love.

Fumiko skipped a beat when she saw the intractable Slovakian slut getting on her feet, the crowd egging her to take on Fumiko one more time. The Asian succubus bit her lip, her growing excitement horniness mixed with the dread of clashing once again with the vicious European tigress.

-“She’s back to claim me”-panted Euji as he kept pumping into Fumiko-“Would you let her?”

-“No”-came the assured reply-“She doesn’t deserve you. She’s nothing but a holiday fling who hasn’t learnt that her place is in the past. She deserves not your cock, nor your heart, nor your bed”

Meanwhile at the arena:

-“Let go you Chinese whore!”-huffed Sarai, feeling her lower back slamming the switch and opening the window leading the exit.

-“Stay there like the cheap whore you are!”-roared Lily as she pushed the Thai whore out of the bathtub. Lily tried to get back inside but the sexy Thai spitfire trapped her upper body in a scissors hold. The jealous succubusses battled it out for some time in dramatic fashion until they fell back into the jacuzzi.

For full story see Battling Girlfriends 4

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Back at the spectator stands, Katerina and Fumiko where locked in a mutual bear hug.

-“Don’t you get it?”-retorted Katerina as she managed to bring the girlfriend down-“You’ll not marry him”

-“I’ll be his wife”-affirmed Fumiko, her talons searching for Katerina’s vaginal labia.

Katerina gasped, feeling Fumiko’s claws violating her womanhood. She leaned forward, sinking her teeth on her nemesis’ abused tits. The worn-out Slovakian cutie had long stopped thinking of defending herself or the sorry state of her once tanned skin. It mattered little to her that this was nothing but a dress rehearsal for the duel 7 days from now. The former flame was running on instinct alone, the atavistic need to show her prospective sexual mate she was better than his current girlfriend overriding all concern for safety, defence, or moderation.

Katerina raised her knee, chrushing Fumiko’s solar plexus with full force. The Slovakian belle watched as the haughty Japanese slut cracked, her knees no longer about to sustain her as she collapsed on the stairs. But as she fell, Fumiko curved her fingers, her sharp nails scratching Katerina’s inner cunt as she fell. The Slovakian vixen screeched, her hands reaching for her pussy as she too fell downstairs.

The crowd watched as the battling catball fell down to the bottom of the arena, stopping only when they slammed against the transparent wall protecting the jacuzzi from outside interference. A good number of spectators made a circle around the fallen girls, shouting for either girl to stand up and finish the other woman off.

Katerina heaved. She used her hands as support, her blurry vision focusing on the Japanese skank that stood between herself and Euji. She saw Fumiko looking back at her, her eyes full of hatred as she got up.

Fumiko let out a guttural warcry, knocking the exhausted Katerina against the glass wall. The Slavic beauty groaned, yet quickly wrapped her arms around the Japanese girlfriend.

-“I’ll take him…his cock…his bed”-declared Katerina, grafting her nails across Fumiko’s back-“Everything you have…will be mine!”

Fumiko winced, letting out a silent screech as her body quivered in agony. She arched backwards, struggling against Katerina’s bear-hug and then dug her long nails into the Slovakian whore’s ravaged tits-“I won’t…lose him…to you!”

The crowed went into a frenzy, cheering the vicious wildcats onward as they rolled on the transparent wall. Everyone knew this could not go on like this. Fumiko moaned again, panting for air as she desperately tried to keep up the savage struggle. The spent Japanese vixen raised her gaze, her eyes resting on the sight of the now winner of the other fight banging her fist against the glass wall as Li Song’s cock thrusted in and out of her triumphant pussy.

Katerina grimaced, blacking out for a second only for Fumiko’s malicious nails to bring her back to reality. The desperate Slavic brunette pulled back and then brought her head forward, spitting on Fumiko’s eyes. Now blinded, the Asian skank lost her concentration for a few seconds. That’s all Katerina needed. The desperate European goddess grabbed Fumiko’s dishevelled hair and pounded her prey head against the transparent wall.

Blinded and dizzy, the oriental amazon struggled valiantly, her nails still marring Katerina’s looks, her soul still burning with jealousy, her mind thinking nothing but the destruction of the woman who coveted her boyfriend. And yet, the Asian siren felt her grip on reality becoming ever more tenuous, her body betraying her will, her nails lose her edge.

The Japanese sex kitten fought on until her legs finally failed her. Euji’s girlfriend fell on her knees, groaning pitifully as the cruel Slovakian tigress kneed her battered physique. It was a sorry sight, to see the once proud Asian harpy reduced to a quivering mess, her body slammed over and over against the wall until finally she fell into a writhing mess.

(SPOILER ALERT: Reading past this point will spoil the winner of Battle Girlfriends 4. What follows is a conclusion that doesn’t add to the story.)


From the other side of the glass wall, Lily Chen’s triumphant mood was ruined by the sight of her Japanese friend weakly trashing on the floor. The Chinese victress screamed and pleaded with Fumiko to get up, but she knew it was too late. Soon Euji was behind Katerina, ramming his thick cock into Katerina’s victorious pussy. The Slavic beauty moaned extra loudly, advertising her triumph to the crowd as the monitors replayed Fumiko’s last fighting moments and eventual collapse.

Chinese and Slovakian victress stared at each other through the transparent wall as their men railed them from opposite sides.

-“This isn’t over you white barbarian”-roared Lily as she pounded her fist against the glass-“You might have won this round…but Fumiko will fuck you up in the end.”

-“The Japanese whore can fight me all she wants”-taunted Katerina, from time to time sinking her heel into the writhing Fumiko to prevent her from recovering-“I’ll still be the better woman”

-“You’re nothing for a cheap call girl, a passing distraction for Fumiko’s man. Fumiko will reclaim her boyfriend!”

-“She’s reclaiming nothing!”-roared Katerina as her growing excitement made her more belligerent-“Euji was never hers to begin with.”

Katerina didn’t pay attention to what the Chinese minx said next, focussing more on Euji’s quivering body as he moaned one last time. The Slavic lover heaved, feeling his twitching cock now leaving her moist cunt. Katerina stood still, waiting until Euji’s semen seeped out of her pussy and fell into Fumiko’s face, much to the approval of the few people still watching.

The brunette victress ignored the Chinese vixen, smirking when a satiated Euji wrapped his toned arms around her ravaged physique and kissed her neck.

-“Let’s go lover. We have 7 days all to ourselves”-said Katerina looking at the door that had just opened at the other end of the arena. It led to the honeymoon part of the island, her just reward for proving herself the better woman.

In a week’s time she’d back at the arena for her rematch with the beaten Asian girlfriend. But for today she’d lick her wounds and claim her prize properly.

To Be Continued in Catfight at the Stands 2 — Coming Soon!


-In the lead-in to the fight I mention how the Euji had seen Fumiko blithely engaging in revisionism after she had gotten rid of her then rivals in love. For instance, nowadays Fumiko claims she lost her initial catfight to Naomi Yang (Office Mayhem 5) because her co-workers ganged on Fumiko. Euji saw the catfight with his own eyes and he knows that this was a one-on-one affair up to the very end. Despite this, he doesn’t care to correct his girlfriend’s shameless lies. Like him, many men let their women get away with this practice.

-This was merely supposed to be a companion story. I actually got the inspiration of a fight at the spectator stands from a story Mcgoll wrote which had a main fight at an arena, while there were two fights happening at the stands.

-Story wise, I note that Fumiko has duelled twice and is one win away from marriage, while Katerina has also fought twice, but her wins don’t get taken into account to the marriage count once they were catfights of no legal consequences. That said, marriage can not only be won in the duel room. A third duel win is just when the law regards a couple married regardless of what the man says.

Men can, and do, propose marriage without the need of a duel. In many cases, a man will account for catfights in informal marriage counts. The usual rate is two catfights for one duel (Against different women. Catfighting the same woman over and over is usually counted as half a duel). Under this convention, Katerina can be thought to have a one duel win under her belt.

The End

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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  1. wondering48 says:


    I just loved this catfight and cannot wait for their final duel. The fight that you wrote really set it up for one hell of a duel. It is also one in which I do not have a preference to which one wins-either – Fumiko or Katrina.
    Your writing has been fantastic as I am now trying to get caught up on the rest of your stories.

    Just make it soon. Thanks for posting your stories.


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      Thank you so much for the feedback wondering48! Sorry for the late reply, but I don’t know how to set up a notification alert when one of my stories gets a commentary.

      I have something very special prepared for Catfight at the Stands 2. If you like stories where women compete sexually over a guy and try to make him cum as they claw each other out, then this will totally be the story for you.

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