4 thoughts on “Catfight at the Stands by JustLooking9000

  1. Michael Pompili says:


    I just loved this catfight and cannot wait for their final duel. The fight that you wrote really set it up for one hell of a duel. It is also one in which I do not have a preference to which one wins-either – Fumiko or Katrina.
    Your writing has been fantastic as I am now trying to get caught up on the rest of your stories.

    Just make it soon. Thanks for posting your stories.


    1. justlooking9002 says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback wondering48! Sorry for the late reply, but I don’t know how to set up a notification alert when one of my stories gets a commentary.

      I have something very special prepared for Catfight at the Stands 2. If you like stories where women compete sexually over a guy and try to make him cum as they claw each other out, then this will totally be the story for you.

        1. justlooking9002 says:

          Hey RR! Ok, so after a long time I’ve noticed there’s that little box which let’s you subscribe to the comments in a page. I feel very silly haha. Thanks for the tip


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