The Duel Room: Battling Girlfriends 4 by JustLooking9000

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Sarai Tangtrongchit

Sarai Tangtrongchit lazily stretched her arms as she rolled sideways on the bed, her naked form crashing into Li Song’s warm body. Her boyfriend stirred, his cock already growing hard: A learned response to contact with Sarai’s sinful figure. She was in a foreign bed, in an exotic location where she’d fight the Malaysian Chinese whore that disputed her claim over his cock. Winning meant a romantic honeymoon with Li Song, far from rapacious sexual competitors seeking to undermine her relationship with her future husband. 

The South Asian belle scanned her spartan hotel room. She was as in a duel island. There were several of these resorts in the world, most of them on idyllic beach locations operating under a special license, serving both as a duel cum honeymoon destination. Entry was only permitted if one of the duelling women was one victory away from becoming a wife or already a wife. 

Undeterred by having lost an informal catfight against the conceited Malaysian Chinese Lily Chen (see Battling Girlfriends 3), Sarai challenged her romantic rival to a formal duel, to be held at this very island. 

It wasn’t hard to see the allure of having their final showdown here. The prospect of a hedonistic holiday on the very place she had defeated her sexual nemesis was too good for either girl to pass up.

Yet, as Sarai scanned the almost prison-like room, it was hard to believe that this was a honeymoon resort. That was because she at the duelling side of the resort. The honeymoon destination was on the OTHER side of the island, accessible only to those women who won their duels and their hard-won conquests, far away from the worries of women who didn’t know if they’d keep their men the next day.

The difference between the two sides were like night a day. Sarai knew that because she had seen the photos of the honeymoon side posted on the internet, boasting of pristine beaches and private jacuzzies. Romantic dinners and lazy afternoons. All that and more at the disposal of the victresses, fresh from their triumph over their sexual rivals. The winner would spend her days enjoying the undivided attentions of her recently won mate, her every need taken care of, alongside the company of other victorious women. 

On the duelling side of the island, the would-be Thai wife was surrounded by drab walls and tiny rooms. There weren’t sumptuous dinners or romantic beach walks. No… the duelling side was a wasteland of petty squabbles and need to score sexual victories before inevitably subjecting herself to a vicious duel over her man’s cock. Jealousy reigned supreme as each woman tried to outdo her sexual competition in bed, to gain the man’s favour for the night and to deny the other woman the pleasure of feeling his twitching cock inside them. It was not rare to see physical flare-ups in such a tense atmosphere. 

Yet such explosions in violence did not last long before security broke the love rivals apart. But not too soon. It was known these resorts tried every little trick in the book to rile up the antagonists before duel day. The administration wanted to see two jealous girls fight like rabid dogs for their mutual boyfriend for the benefit of the audience. They were to be entertainment for the guests at the honeymoon side, who were regaled with an endless parade of women fighting tooth and nail for cock. The winners would then join the violence-hungry crowd. 

Sarai looked blankly at the ceiling. Today she would know if she was to lose Li song or win the coveted title of wife. While the title was a VERY nice cherry on top, what Sarai wanted most was getting rid of the Chinese skank contesting ownership of his heart, then enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon on the other side of the island. In front of Li Song she projected a confident demeanour, assuring him she’d avenge herself for the humiliation she had received at the hands of the Chinese banshee. Yet beneath this cocky facade, the ravishing Sarai knew the duel room was a treacherous battlefield, the outcome uncertain, and one woman was bound to be bitterly disappointed.

The attractive Thai beauty got on her feet, knowing there was little sense in belabouring the point: She was to triumph or lose her man. 

Lily Chen

A few hours later, an anxious Lily Chen paced nervously around the room, looking at her naked form in the mirror. She distractedly touched her hanging tits, letting them bounce gracefully. It was pointless exercise, yet it helped her take her mind off the trial to come. Soon she would be called to cross the door leading to the duel room.

The attractive Chinese Malaysian siren took a deep breath when the door opened and anxiously walked towards her destiny. Eager yet nervous, the sexy Lily stepped into the stage, her eyes resting on Li Song’s naked form, sitting just outside the stage in which she’d soon fight for his cock. His body, filled with several love marks, had become a vicious battlefield where she and her sexual rival had strived to mark him as theirs. Having not laid with him for a day and a half, the mere sight of him made the Chinese sex kitten moist with desire, just the drug she needed to set aside any last-minute doubts she had.

Despite having knowing there would be an audience, Lily still felt a little self conscious of showing her naked frame to the cheering crowd composed of women who had already won their duels and their now husbands/boyfriends. 

In a normal duel, Lily would have dived straight towards Li Song. However, this was a more public affair, needing more showmanship and pageantry to win over the wanton crowd. Lily set aside her embarrassment, putting on her best smile as she entered the “arena.” She waved her hands as she strutted around the perimeter showcasing her feminine figure. Just as she attempted to charm the applauding crowds, the speakers blasted her intro: “Coming from Malaysia, the sultry Lily has been by Li Song’s side for 18 months. According to her, the secret to her relationship has been a good amount of sex, her mastery of blowjobs and the total destruction of any woman who dares to steal him away from her! This sexy bombshell has bit, slapped, kicked, scratched for him several times, and she has zero intention to giving up her place in his bedroom.  This Chinese eye candy is certain she’ll overcome the hated ex-girlfriend once again! Give it up for Lily Chen!” 

-“On the other corner!”-blasted the speakers as the as the opposite door opened revealing a swaggering Sarai greeting the crowd in all her naked glory-“The Thai goddess who has fought and won two savage duels over Li Song’s cock. Having just secured her residence permit in Hong Kong, this ferocious Thai tigress has returned to take back her man. Sarai has promised that she’ll not rest until she’s pushed the Malaysian upstart out of his bedroom! Ladies and Gentlemen: Give it up for Sarai Tangtrongchit!”

Lily glared as Sarai impudently made the rounds, basking in the crowd’s adoration.  She felt the spotlight turn on her again, as the expectant crowd grew silent. This was her last chance to sway the crowd to her favour…if she so wanted. While there was little need for her to do so, it was always nice to feel most of the crowd was on your side as you tore into your romantic rival’s tits. Lily looked backwards, her temper rising as she saw the haughty Thai slut now sitting on Li Song’s lap, no doubt filling his ears with poison and his dick with disease.   

-“The little Thai slut still hasn’t realised she has long lost my man’s affection”-started Lily, having little need to raise her voice as the sound system in the arena amplified her speech-“She’s nothing but a fading memory in his heart. For two years she’s been so invested in trying to undermine me even though she doesn’t even live in Hong Kong. That should tell you what a pathetic loser she is. The fat cow is desperate to get the only cock that has ever given her a chance. The insolent whore has tried once, coming onto MY apartment, sleeping with MY man on MY bed. I did what all of you respectable ladies would have done: I pulled her hair, I scratched her tits, I ravaged her pussy, I kicked her out of MY house…and then I fucked my man right then and there!”  

That last line drew wild chorus of approval, many in the crowd identifying with her framing of the story. She waited for the noise to quiet down before continuing. Then she pivoted towards the copulating couple, the sight of Sarai’s jiggling tits riding Li Song’s cock filling her indignation.

-“This entitled bitch thinks that just having a fling with my man ages ago gives the right to barge in and demand to be let back into his bed. Well let me tell you something princess – a man isn’t won by bitching and moaning about he being yours. He’s won by being the better woman, by pleasing him in bed, by outfucking the competition. And if needs be, scratching her so badly she’s never thinks of coming onto your man again!” 

The crowd roared in approval but quickly felt silent, their eyes falling on the humping Thai siren as the timer reached zero. Her pale skin now covered in a light layer of perspiration, the sexy Thai temptress waited up to the last moment to dismount Li Song’s twitching cock and look to the crowd. Just like Lily, Sarai could have chosen to say nothing and just start the duel. She owed no explanations to the crowd. Yet, occupied as she had been riding her man, the proud Sarai could not help to angrier and angrier as she heard the Malaysian shrew sprout malicious lie after malicious lie. The record had to be set straight.

They girls walked in a straight line towards each other, neither caring to give way for the other. They inevitably clashed tit to tit, staring down at each other as they pressed their massive chests together.

-“Wanna say something to me Chinese bitch?”-asked Sarai as a deafening silence settled in the arena.

-“My nails will have plenty to say later”-hissed Lily barring her teeth as the crowd catcalled and cheered them on. Even this private exchange between the bitter rivals in love could be heard by the crowd through the sound system. 

-“What a coincidence…I’m well versed in the art of nail language too”-snarled the Thai siren as she made her way pass her. Lily pranced, causing her delightful orbs to jiggle as she walked towards Li Song.

-“I’ll let you all ladies of the audience know that this self styled ‘girlfriend’ is nothing but a glorified cum dump”-started Sarai as she caught sight of the Chinese whore sitting on Li Song’s lap-“I think we’ve have met this type of woman before: A mediocre lover who knows no how to use her body to please her man and thinks that’s barely passable love making enough to keep him interested. For two years she has debased herself cheaper than a street whore, begging my man not to leave her for me. Even now she puzzled as to why Li Song has been so quick to dump her ass for me after two years. I’ll spell out for her what we all know: I’m just the better fuck, I please him better, I’m the better woman! ”

-“She can’t please him like I do.”-continued Sarai, enjoying the venomous stare Lily was giving her-“Her passion in bed is lacking. She’s nothing but an insecure little whore who knowing she can’t best me in his heart decided to fight for his cock in a last ditch attempt not to be cast out of his apartment! I gladly accept this challenge! She told you she won, but how that happened? Nothing but cheap shots once my back was turned and my mind was focussed on pleasing MY MAN! Did she tell you she couldn’t take his cock for a few days after I scratched her cunt? Or that I ruined so badly that people thought she had been beaten senseless? Today I’m here not only to prove her she was lucky the last time around but also regale you will the spectacle of MY MAN fucking me raw while he proposes to me. All while this second-rate tramp watches!”

At the start of Sarai’s inflammatory speech Lily tried to ignore her. Cheers of approval filled the room as Lily sat on Li Song’s lap, who looked with rapt attention at her bouncing titties. Then she wrapped the arms around his neck and pulled him towards her for the wettest of kisses. 

Locking lips with her man, Lily couldn’t help but to moan when she felt his tongue wrestling with hers, his hands lustily roaming her curves as his cock thrusted in and out with limitless lust. Such an exchange of caresses never failed her to excite her. 

-“I’ll destroy her”-whispered the Chinese girlfriend as Sarai finished spewing falsehoods about her -“My cunt will prevail”


Lily raised her head, her eyes resting on the on the trio that stuck like a sore thumb among the crowd. She had watched them with passing interest every now and then. At times they would seem glued to the theatrics in the arena, but just as quickly their attention turned towards each other. On one side at her friend and co-worker Fumiko Hayashi (Duel Room: Office Wife vs Girlfriend, Office Mayhem chapter 4 and 13). On the other was the woman that coveted her boyfriend’s cock, some white whore called Katerina Polievka (Hotel Sluts 2,3 and 4). The Slavic slut was clad in a bikini with a leopard print, as if hinting she was a hungry predator ready to pounce.  In the middle of the feuding girls was the object of the dispute, Euji Oue. He seemed lost, not quite knowing whether to focus on the arena or at the quarrelling hands fighting for possession of his cock under his swimming trunks.

Fumiko and Lily had matched their duel dates so as to provide moral support to each other in this hostile environment. Should Fumiko overcome this trial, she’d become Euji’s wife. But as of now, the Japanese beauty was to be a mere side show, something the audience could turn to if they felt the action at the arena seemed too boring. Lily’s grinned when she saw Fumiko briefly jumping on her seat, her tits jiggling as she waved her hands at her, shouting her support for the Malaysian Chinese goddess. 

Full Story is told in Catfight at the Stands


As much as Lily wanted to know how the nascent tug of war over Euji’s cock would turn out, she was aware she was the main attraction. The Chinese amazon stood up, walking down into the foam filled jacuzzi in front of her, where the South East Asian shrew was already waiting for her. The rules were straightforward: two jealous girls entered, they beat the crap out of each other until one got pushed out through a tiny window. Then a 20 second timer would start, and if the girl that was pushed out didn’t get back to the jacuzzi, she’d lose the match. 

The setting for the duel was a 3×3 jacuzzi brimming with soap up to the women’s crotch. The feuding beauties would fight nude, soaked in warm water and slippery soap, a rising tide of foam slithering through their sensual physiques as they fought tooth and nail over Li Song. Yet the “soap” and the “foam” were not what it seemed. Through the wonders of technology, this soap-like substance felt like watery lube that made penetration easier and would not irritate the eyes. In fact, it was these characteristics that recommended the substance for lurid claiming duels (See Duel Room Explain subheading claiming duel for more info). However, this was no claiming duel, but a straight up catfight to the bitter end. The foamy appearance was only for cosmetic purposes, designed to fulfill Euji’s depraved fantasies.

The moist girls circled menacingly around each other: In a few moments the romantic life of one of them would be destroyed, ending up as nothing but the foundation in which her sexual rival will build hers. They moved sinuously, gracefully, their movements barely perturbing the water as they stalked each other like predators. Then the duelling buzz roared!

-“I’ll end you tonight Chinese slut”-shrieked the impatient Thai vixen, glad to finally sink her talons on the Chinese bitch after days of inconclusive skirmishes here and there.

-“Come here, Thai saohuo, and let’s see who ends who”=-replied Lily.

The crowd exploded in cheers as the warring goddesses mashed their naked bodies and quickly latched onto damp hair, their wet frames forming huge splashes as they tossed their exquisite physiques with painful violence. 

-“You’ll regret ever coming to Hong Kong skank!”-grunted Lily, twisting her moist back to the right.

-“I have never regretted fighting for my man”-groaned Sarai, twisting her upper body in the opposite direction as the girls flung and hurled each other around the jacuzzi-“And I’m not starting now!”

-“You’ll end up begging me to take his cock!”-shrieked Lily, losing her balance as she tore a bunch of light brown hair. Tumbling backwards, Lily’s fall sent waves of foam sputtering against the glass walls, momentarily impeding the view of anyone watching directly at the giant bathtub. Yet, for those wanting to follow the nonstop action, it was just a simple matter of turning their attention to one of several screens showing the action inside the duel room.

-“You whore!”-howled Sarai, feeling her scalp on fire. Yet she spent little time lamenting the loss of hair. It was just a matter of course when two women fought over a guy, usually the first outrage in what would become a lengthy list of transgressions-“I’ll rip your hair off!”

Earnestly clashing into the other, the jealous vixens tugged and jerked all over their hot tub, their violent contortions splashing water and foam all over the glass panels and making it hard to see what was going on. Despite the cameras, several members of the crowd, including the man in question, glued themselves to the glass trying to catch a glimpse of the action.

Li Song and several spectators jolted back when Lily’s foam-soaked frame was smashed violently against the glass panel they were looking through, her tits and face plastered in a comic way.

-“You fucking….slut…he’s mine…mine…mine.!”-emphasised Sarai as she repeatedly pulled Lily’s head back slammed her against the glass again and again under the cheering approval of the spectators. 

-“Let go…my hair…you BITCH!”-retorted the struggling Malaysian Chinese beauty, managing to turn around and slinging Sarai’s back against the transparent wall. Sarai wailed, her back sliding down until her ass sat on the edge of the jacuzzi. Getting a good two-handed hair pull, the unforgiving Chinese paramour pulled her romantic rival’s body forward, only to knee Sarai on the stomach.

-“You jinu (prostitute)”-said Lily, repeatedly kneeing her rival in love as the crowd chanted “again” “again” “again” -“I’ll make sure…he forgets…all about you!”. 

-“No way…I’ll be his WIFE…after today…slut!”-asserted the obstinate Thai siren, grabbing onto an incoming knee  and then pushing her womanly figure forwards, sending the bellicose succubuses crashing into the soapy water.

A rapturous cry came from the crowd as the foam slid down the glass and revealed two jealous women on their knees, their heads barely above water. It was a frantic struggle as the clashing harpies tried to get some precious air while drowning the other. They tried to stand up, only to be tackled back into the frothy waters in the desperate fracas while their sympathisers egged them on.  


However, not everyone on the stands was cheering.  Katerina had just spit some of Euji’s cum at Fumiko’s face. Cum that the jealous sex kittens had furiously contested for some time. The moment when Euji climaxed was still plastered on the screen, much to Fumiko’s humiliation. The Japanese girlfriend slapped the European minx, knocking out Euji’s semen from Katerina’s mouth. In response the angry Katerina spit what remained of his cum at Fumiko’s face. Euji finally let the exotic vixens go, letting them do what they wanted to do for so long. 

Full Story is told in Catfight at the Stands


Back to the duel room, an angry Sarai managed to stand precariously on her feet and lean on the glass panel for support. The Thai belle shrieked, feeling the Chinese Malaysian whore tearing into her moist skin with her teeth. Focusing her gaze, the young Asian bombshell lifted her knee in a powerful thrust, striking the relentless tramp in the belly. Yet it was not enough, for the obstinate Lily hugged the Thai siren even closer, biting her boob with agonizing violence. Gritting her teeth, a crying Sarai tried to ignore the pain and struck another mighty blow against her sexual rival. 

Lily chewed harder the moment she felt the Thai jianren (bitch) scratching her smooth skin. Not a novice when it came to fighting dirty over Li Song, Lily persisted in the mutually destructive hold. It was her or the Thai slut. Girlfriend vs ex-lover. One woman would destroy the other and win the man. In their feverish state, neither woman paid too much attention to the frenzied cheers and expressions of support from their fans in the crowd.

The Thai cutie changed tack, wrapping her pale legs around Lily’s slim waist and pulling back, letting her weight drag them straight into the water, causing another huge splash. While the foam didn’t burn the eyes and indeed this chemical water made for a good lube, it nevertheless distracted the Chinese piranha off her rabid tit biting. Finally free, a soap-soaked Sarai grabbed Lily’s wet mane with one hand and sent a resounding slap to her face-“You fucking Chinese skank!”

Lily squealed as the stinging slap forced her to step back for a second, only to back and lunge forward, reciprocating the favour with a malicious slap on the very tit she was so eagerly biting a few seconds ago–“Don’t touch me second class tramp!”

The crowd cheered as the furious girls pulled hair and exchanged a nasty barrage of slaps. It was a feminine way to fight over a man. Soon enough the duellists’ physiques were littered with reddish patches of skin where the slaps had landed. 

-“Fucking bitch”-said Sarai as she retaliated with a scorching slap at Lily’s boobs, eliciting another pitiful wail from her sexual rival.

-“You dirty cocksucker!”-retorted Lily as she sent another blistery whack to the Thai’s minx cheek. Seeing the Thai floozy still trying to catch her breath, the angry Chinese eye-candy lunged forward to land another vile slap only to let out a high-pitched scream as her cunt was targeted with an underhanded kick. Quickly gathering herself together, Sarai pushed Lily’s head under water.

-“You dalliance with my man ends here!”-gloated Sarai as she lifted the flailing Chinese hussy for a second  before drowning her again. 

-“Let go my hair!”-was all an increasingly desperate Lily managed to say as she sank her nails on her tormentor’s womanly figure. Finding herself once again underwater, the frantic Chinese siren wrapped her arms around Sarai’s left thigh and tried to bite her tormentor’s cunt.

-“No!”-screeched Sarai as soon as she felt Lily’s cheeks grazing her inner thighs.  She pulled Lily’s head away from her crotch in the nick of time. Using the glass wall as support, the wet Thai girl raised her leg and kicked the Chinese dog, sending Lily slamming against the opposite edge of the jacuzzi.

The beleaguered Lily squealed as her luscious body crashed into the transparent barrier. Still dazed, the Chinese goddess found her footing and turned back, only to feel her scalp on fire and her face being banged against the glass once again. 

-“Let go you tramp!”-demanded the weeping Chinese vixen, blinding digging her long nails in the Thai skank’s silky skin.

-“You really thought I’d let you bite my pussy!”-said Sarai, mocking Lily’s desperate attempt to turn the tables. Ignoring the painful nails defiling her skin, the Thai harpy smashed her vulnerable prey against the glass wall once again. She couldn’t help but add–“I’m not like that dumb Latina whore who almost took Li Song away from you!”(Office Mayhem Chapter 5 and 14)

-“Because when I fight…*smash*…for my man…*smash*…I fight for keeps!”-concluded Sarai to the thunderous cheering of the crowd. Getting no resistance back from the Malaysian harlot, Sarai quickly scanned the room until she spotted the small exit through which she had to dump the washed-up Malaysian skank to win the duel.

-“You’ll never ride his cock again”-huffed Sarai, the foamy liquid making the task of dragging the squirming Lily through the hot tub to the exit easier. The crowd went nuts, the chants of “OUT OUT OUT” drowning out the calls for Lily to get up and fight for her man. The sexy Sarai pressed the button opening the door, then with a burst of energy she lifted the weakened Lily into the window and out of the jacuzzi, starting the twenty seconds count to victory.

“ONE TWO THREE”-chanted the crowd.

Lily bellowed as her body was hurled out of the fighting pit, but the audience’s count quickly brought her to her senses. Ignoring her aching body, the obstinate Chinese goddess got on her knees and turned her head back, positioning her naked figure as if she was about to do a running start. Sarai was at the exit chute glaring at her, blocking the way into the jacuzzi.

“FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN…”-the crowd quickly stopped the count, now shouting for the Chinese minx to get back to the cage. The multitude roared in unison as Lily blew past the exit, caring little about crashing into the Thai harpy blocking her way. 

-“As if I’ll let you have his cock”-roared the Chinese beauty as she went for a another two handed hairpull.

-“You wanna round two?”-asked Sarai rhetorically as she reciprocated the gesture-“Come at me you Chinese cock sucker!”


At the spectator stands, part of the crowd looked at a moaning Katerina taking the fullness of Euji’s engorged cock after pushing the Japanese girlfriend off the stairs. To the male mind this was an incomprehensible act; for the most “logical” action would be Katerina to press her momentary advantage against the battered Fumiko. And yet, the women in the crowd had little trouble understanding Katerina’s thinking: Katerina was broadcasting she could take the man any time she wanted and that she cared little of what the girlfriend thought of it.

It was a slap in the face at Fumiko’s status as a girlfriend. And no one knew this better than Fumiko herself. The affront! The impertinence! The Slovakian whore had to be put in her place!

-“If you want him back”-jeered Katerina contemptuously at her incoming Asian antagonist-“fight me for his cock”

-“You fucking whore”-shrieked Fumiko. The jealous Japanese goddess crashed into the copulating couple, knocking the air out of the waiting Slavic vixen and forcing Euji back. Fumiko jerked Katerina’s brown locks and bit Katerina’s neck, pulling downwards to get this Slovakian skank off her man’s cock. 

-“Let go you slant eyed whore!”-howled Katerina, digging her nails into Fumiko’s bare titflesh. 

Full Story is told in Catfight at the Stands


Just as the crowds struggled to decide which fight to pay attention to, the vengeful Chinese goddess sneaked behind the confused Sarai and grabbed her moist titties from behind, squeezing the obscene mammaries with all the malice a jealous woman fighting for her man could muster.  

-“Fuck off my tits you gah-ree(whore)”-whimpered the embattled Thai minx as she shook her torso and pushed her elbow into Lily’s belly.

-“Don’t worry”-groaned Lily, grimacing as she tried to withstand the elbow hits-“I’m sure you can buy a new set of boobs later”

-“These tits will be pleasing my man tonight!”-squealed Sarai. Pushing backward, the hard-pressed Thai beauty slammed her rapacious foe into the wall several times in a desperate bid for relief-“Get off my tits!”

-“As you wish!”-grunted the obstinate Chinese minx, wrapping her arm around Sarai’s neck for a better hold and then lowering her other arm around her prey’s crotch.

-“No!”-yelped the Thai bombshell as her hand grasped Lily’s wrist, barely stopping her malicious nails from reaching her moist vaginal lips. 

Various female members in the audience instinctively wrapped their arms around their recently won conquests for reassurance as they watched this obscene contest unfold on the screens. Several had just fallen prey to such dirty tactics as recently as yesterday, and as least as many had used this very tactic to weaken their romantic antagonists. Multiple duels had in fact been decided in depraved nail contests where the exhausted duellists dug their nails and teeth as viciously as possible inside their nemesis’s cunts while trying to fend off their sexual rivals until one prevailed, if by only the skin of her cunt.

The crowd watched with bated breath as the jealous Asian beauties were locked in this desperate stalemate, the camera system focusing on Sarai’s crotch area as Lily’s and Sarai’s hands tried to overpower the other. The advanced sound system relayed Sarai’s desperate moans as Lily’s nails grazed her vaginal lips as well as Lily’s frustrated groans whenever Sarai managed to *just* push Lily’s nails out.

There was a collective release of tension when Sarai folded her upper body forward, hurling the Chinese tigress overhead into the water, making a huge splash that blurred the view of the audience. Turning their heads  to the screens, the spectators saw a somewhat tired Sarai leaning on the glass to catch her breath. The toll of the fight was starting to show.

Sarai scanned the room looking for a sign of the Chinese whore, a task that was made difficult by the vast amount of foam preventing her from seeing into the water. The nude Thai goddess sprang forward moment she saw the haggard Lily pull out her head for a brief moment to breathe before going back underwater.

-“Come out and fight me like a woman you fucking bitch!”-said the frustrated Sarai, carefully kicking and sinking her hands into the water. She was wary, every slight wave hinting at the possibility that the Chinese tramp would come out to catch her by surprise. Yet even then, Lily could not hide forever. Thinking she had seen the Chinese whore, Sarai sank her hands once again into empty water when a huge splash from the corner of her eye made her turn sideways.

-“Here I’m you Thai saohuo!”-roared Lily as she sprung forward into Sarai’s “welcoming” hug. Engaging in a mutual bear hug, the naked goddesses quickly sank their long nails into the other’s back as they embraced each other as tightly as lovers.

-“This is the end of you!”-said Sarai as she could feel Lily’s cheek grazing hers-“I’ll win him back!”

-“As if I’ll ever let you enjoy my man’s cock!”-whispered Lily, feeling her wet tits grinding against Sarai’s bigger set as they danced and wobbled around the glass wall in a furious vertical catball.

-“But enjoy I will; after I replace YOU!”-declared Sarai as she racked her nails deep into Lily’s back, leaving a nasty trail of red marks on her glistening skin.

-“You aren’t woman enough to satisfy him!”-retorted Lily as she endured Sarai’s nails and returned fire with a vengeance.

-“Hands off me, you Chinese bitch!”-moaned Sarai, tugging her tormentor by her wet locks and then pulling and pushing her head as a rag doll.

-“Let go my hair yanglaji (Foreign trash)”-said Lily,  raining savage slaps on Sarai’s exquisite physique in desperation.

Sarai whimpered as the unrelenting assault forced her back, her back pinned against the glass. She sat on the edge of the bathtub for balance, still tearing thick lumps of moist brown locks off Lily’s scalp.

Tears rolled out of Lily’s face as yet another chunk of her damp hair was torn with cruel determination. Yet even then, the rabid Chinese harpy thought little of laying off the assault: This was a fight to determine who’d stay in Li Song’s bed, and she’d stop at nothing to destroy the other woman. The ragged Chinese succubus pulled her arm and landed another thunderous slap on Sarai’s hanging left boob, which made the Thai skank howl like a wounded deer.

-“YOU WHORE!”-cried the outraged Thai wench, abruptly pulling Lily’s head sideways, causing the struggling Chinese eye candy to skid. Feeling her body suddenly losing its balance, the Chinese belle instinctively reached for Sarai’s locks as she fell.

Lily’s body hung obliquely, the only thing preventing her from falling into the water was the mutual hairpull. The women in the crowd bit their lips as they witnessed what could be the most agonizing hairpull of the day, the brunette locks being stretched to their breaking point as Sarai pulled herself back while gravity forced the girls down.   

-“Let go my hair you bitch”-whimpered the weeping Thai goddess, feeling her scalp on fire as she tried to keep her preciously balance.

-“I rather take more of it!”-grunted Lily as she loosened her grip in one hand and immediately grasped to deeper into the Thai bitch’s tortured locks. It was a swift motion, but one that finally broke Sarai’s precarious balance and sent the struggling hellcats underwater.


Back at the stands, Katerina shrieked as she rolled down the stairs. Meanwhile, Fumiko turned around, making her way towards Euji. The Japanese vixen couldn’t let Katerina’s either possession of her man’s cock go unanswered. No, Fumiko wanted to dispel the notion that this cock hungry pretender had a claim on her man. She wanted everyone to know she was the true girlfriend, the one whose pussy will always sheath Euji’s cock. 

-“He’s…my man!…and if this washed up…white whore…or any other trashy slut…wants him…they’ll have to go…through my dead body!”-roared a moaning Fumiko, pausing in between words, taking in the fullness of Euji’s thrusts. The spectators met her assertion with a roaring approval!

Except for one woman. Katerina stood up, staring at the fornicating couple. The Slavic vixen would not let this stand! The tiring Katerina willed her body forward, crashing into the haughty Japanese girlfriend with her claws wide open!

Full Story is told in Catfight at the Stands


Back at the arena…

The crowd watched on as the weary Fumiko and Sarai emerged from the foamy bathtub, clearing off the annoying foam off their faces.  The froth-covered girls heaved heavily as they prowled each other, their generous boobs undulating pleasingly as they breathed.

-“Come at me, wench!”-said Thai-“Let’s decide who’s the better woman!”

-“Let’s go slut!”-retorted Lily-“You’ll have to take his cock from cold dead hands!”

-“FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”-roared the bloodthirsty crowd, baying for blood. The girls had fought on non-stop for over 20 minutes and there was a palatable sense that the girls were quickly running out of steam. 

The jealous sucubusses lurched towards each other at a moderate pace until the Chinese vixen lowered herself and tackled the incoming Thai amazon by the ribcage at the very last second. Sarai huffed, the sudden hit drawing all the air out of her lungs as she was pushed back towards the exit window.

-“Let go you Chinese whore!”-screeched Sarai, trying to free herself by sinking her nails on Lily’s already mauled up back.  Sarai huffed, feeling her lower back slamming the switch and opening the window leading to the exit. 

-“Stay there like the cheap whore you are!”-roared Lily as she weathered the angry flurry of slaps on her weary physique. The Chinese belle straightened her knees, lifting the angry Thai harpy off the floor and pushing her upper body through the exit. Since part of Sarai’s body was still inside the bathtub, she didn’t trigger the 20 second countdown.

The rapacious Lily tried to get back into the hot tub but the sexy Thai spitfire trapped her upper body in a scissors hold.

-“Let go you choubi (stinking cunt)”-grunted the Chinese girlfriend as she locked hands against the lethal Thai vixen.

-“As soon as you let go my man’s cock!”-said Sarai, gritting her teeth as she tried to keep the pressure.

-“Why you want his cock…if you’ll have no cunt!”-said the haggard Lily, her malicious hands roaming Sarai’s crotch looking to open a new front in the war. Sarai reacted in horror, knowing herself to be exposed to Lily’s cruel nails. There was to be no compassion or hesitation. Only one of them could win the man, and Sarai intended it to be her. The Thai harpy tried sinking her fingers into the Chinese bitch’s eye sockets. Lily put her arm up to protect her eyes, with the other one frantically made her way into Sarai’s moist cunt. 

Sarai could feel it, that bitch sharp talons grazing her crotch attempting a devastating attack. The South-East Asian beauty brought her leg up just as she felt Lily’s fingers invading her womanhood, then extended her leg like a piston, catching Lily’s exposed neck with the heel of her foot. Yet Lily had managed to curve her finger just in time, her nails scratching Sarai’s inner vaginal walls as she was pushed into the water.

The bitches in heat wailed and moaned pitifully as they separated. Lily let out a gagging sound as she felt her airpipe compress, her battle worn physique sinking back into the bathtub as soon as Sarai’s heel stopped pressing against her neck. In the meantime, Sarai sobbed, unable to take advantage of the moment as her hands massaged her wounded womanhood, a wave of excruciating pain overwhelming her. The crowd watched stunned as a replay of the mutual attack was shown on the screens, then erupted in shouts as their supporters begged them to finish the other woman off.

Lily panted, shaking her head as she saw the Thai slut groggily making her way back into the bathtub. The Malaysian Chinese vixen closed the distance, landing a lucky punch that disoriented the still recovering Sarai. 

-“You fucking slut!”-jeered Lily, plowing another fist into Sarai’s face.

-“ HE’s”-*punch*

-“MINE” -*punch*

-“MINE” -*punch*

-“MINE” -*punch*

It was a familiar refrain, heard around the arena in at least half the matches, if no more. Yet the power of the statement never failed to leave a deep impression on the crowd. The cries for Sarai to stand up and fight for her man became ever more desperate. 

A loud blaring sound drowned out the shouts from the crowd, forcing some women to cover their ears. A warning for Lily not to beat her sexual rival unconscious before tossing out of the window. The frustrated Lily swore loudly in Chinese, furious she had ever agreed to this silly imposition on her freedom to harm the woman would love nothing but to destroy her love life. The Chinese vixen was still free to beat Sarai unconscious anyways, but doing so would force a rematch, and the last thing she wanted now was to expose her tits to Sarai’s nails once again. 

Lily pushed the limp Sarai up and out of the bathtub, starting the 20 second count. The crowd roared, cries for Sarai to get back into the tube mixed with those of people counting down to zero. Lily heaved as she watched on with a wary eye, afraid the Thai wildcat would rally and get back into the tube.


At the stands…

Katerina heaved. She used her hands as support, her blurry vision focusing on the Japanese skank that stood between herself and Euji. She saw Fumiko looking back at her, her eyes full of hatred as she tried to get up. 

Fumiko let out a guttural warcry, knocking the exhausted Katerina against the glass wall. The Slavic beauty groaned, yet quickly wrapped her arms around the Japanese girlfriend.

-“I’ll take him…his cock…his bed”-declared Katerina, grafting her nails across Fumiko’s back-“I’ll leave you with NOTHING!”

Fumiko winced, letting out a silent screech as her body quivered in agony. -“I won’t…lose him…to you!”

Full Story is told in Catfight at the Stands


Back at the arena…


Lily raised her arms in victory as soon as the window closed once again, leaving the quivering Sarai out in the cold while Lily was declared the winner. The now victress sat on the steps leading the exit, her gazed fixed on her prize. Euji rose, his hard cock standing in all its veiny glory as he approached the fighting pit and slowly descended to the bathtub to the acclamation of the baying audience.

Lily gasped as Li Song jerked her hair and pulled her up, his lips locking with hers in an intimate embrace. The ragged Lily hugged her boyfriend’s virile frame, feeling his toned physique grinding against hers. Even in her ravished state, the hint of his manly odour enough to make her wild with desire. She had fought for this and won. Now it was time for her to claim the spoils.

 The Chinese vixen moaned as Li Song pinned her against the glass, for all to see as his hands caressed her moist cunt. She gazed onwards, seeing Fumiko and her sexual rival still trading blows like bitches on heat while Euji looked on. She gasped, her moans reverberating throughout the room as the crowd watched her claim her man. Many of the couple started actively fucking now, unable to keep even a modicum of decorum after this wanton spectacle. 

The foam-soaked Chinese sex kitten squealed as Li Song pulled her back and turned her around, pushing her towards the exit, where the beaten Thai whore was staring at her. Lily saw it in her face: Disbelief, anger, denial. The outraged Thai harpy charged at the glass wall, hitting the window as she screamed obscenities. Lily watched her with contempt, her scratched tits pressed against the transparent border as she felt her man’s manhood looking for her welcoming pussy lips.

Lily made a point of moaning extra hard as Li Song penetrated her, the lube-like properties of the foam easing his entry into her otherwise abused womanhood. 

-“THIS.COCK.IS.MINE”-taunted the Chinese goddess, emphasizing every word by banging her fist against the transparent wall, safe in the knowledge the Thai whore couldn’t come back in to restart the fight. All that remained was rub her victory in Sarai’s face.

For 5 straight minutes, the disjointed back and forth between victress and defeated was relayed on the screen for anyone who cared to listen. But few women cared by this point, the spectator arena now becoming a huge orgy. 

-“I’m cumming”-panted Li Song as she railed his Chinese girlfriend eagerly. Lily moaned, giving the angry Sarai the middle finger as she moaned one last time before she felt Li Song’s cock twitching rapidly inside her…a clear indication he had ejaculated inside her. The Chinese victress smiled one last time, spreading her legs so the camera could get a good shot of her moist pussy leaking Li Song’s semen.

The End


-While you could read this story as a standalone, the stories that came before it in chronological order are: Battling Girlfriends 1 and 2, Office Mayhem 5 and 14, and then Battling Girlfriends 3.

-Sharp-eyed readers might notice that Fumiko Hayashi and Lily Chen are described as friends in Battling Girlfriends 4 while in Office Mayhem they’re described as being on opposite sides. There’s no question that in Office Mayhem Lily Chen would have preferred to see Fumiko’s opponent triumph, but she had to adjust to the new reality when Fumiko emerged victorious. Should Katerina  prove victorious in Catfight at the stands, then Lily will try to forge a new friendship with her.  Likewise, had Sarai won in BG 4, then the victress of Catfight at the stands would the same.

-A small detail I didn’t emphasise enough in the story. According to the rules of the duel room universe, had Sarai won, she would have legally become Li Song’s wife. 

-I really liked how the story turned out, but I really struggled with this story for a long time. I had to squeeze a whole new concept and explain all the particularities without making the whole thing too boring. I think I did an ok job, but I think even now you can tell that explaining the concept of a duel island took a third of the story.

-I had the idea of a side fight at the spectators’ stands from one of Mcgoll’s stories. I can’t recall which one. 

-Battling Girlfriends 4 was actually written well before the Hostel Sluts saga. In fact, HS was written precisely because BG 4. I wanted to have a side fight for BG 4. I knew I wanted to have Fumiko fighting another woman. However, I also wanted her rival to have some backstory. That in turn led to Hostel Sluts. But I couldn’t post BB4 before I posted the whole HS saga because then I’d spoil the ending of HS 4. 

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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