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I am a person who likes catfights between two equal women. I like women who hate each other and try to settle their differences in private. I like it even more if it turns sexual.

Hype Author Catfight

Hype’s Stories

They both raised their fists and circled each other and came forward and started a fistfight. It was a nonstop slugfest. They both didn’t even block other’s attacks. Narmada liked this fight with Emma. They both were equals and matched each other very well. They continued throwing punches at each other, they even kicked each other a few times until they became tired and ended up in a bearhug resting their heads on each other’s shoulders. They both stood in that embrace for a few minutes trying to catch their breath.

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They both slapped and pulled each other’s hair wildly as they fell to the ground. They both clasped their legs together like together like two entwined snakes and started rolling around. They punched, slapped, scratched and raked each other everywhere.  Their screams could be heard throughout the farmhouse.

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The Cat Goddess by Hype Story Catfight

She ripped off Heera’s panties and clawed at her pussy. Heera screamed and let go Meera’s head and repeated the same move. Both of them clawed and raked at each other’s pussy. Tears began to form in their eyes. both of them let go of each other and got back caressed their pussies.

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