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RedmanX’s Stories

About the Author

Hi, I began writing fem fight stories on my Yahoo Group, Fighter Girl, though I had already written several stories in the Superheroine genre. Fighter Girl is Nikki Martin and the stories are about her career as a female fighter in various disciplines and the trials and tribulations she endures.


This author can be contacted at his DeviantArt page.

RedmanX’s Stories

First Night

Art Credit to MerlinKing on Deviant Art

Candice now knew she had to go after her opponent. A good win tonight would help her get a match against one of the higher ranked fighters, but she had to look good! Realizing Nikki didn’t want to fight, Candice decided to throw caution to the wind. She steamed in fists flying hoping to beat down Nikki’s guard. She pushed Nikki back towards her corner, hammering punches into the English girls arms and body.

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